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Hello, my name is Me'Dasia,  when I first began my fitness journey, I was anything but the picture of health. I was overweight and I was unhappy with my body.  Dasia's Fit was created to help others realize that you can work for your perfect body. I aspire to be a woman that motivates and inspires others to find comfort within themselves. We all have insecurities I'm just here to run them off. I am passionate for what I do, and I support my clients. All I ask is for you to NEVER QUIT. I will be here to guide you through not only workouts but nutritional facts. Now come on sis, we've got work to do.   



The mission of Dasia's Fit is to provide outstanding services while pushing and encouraging our clients to work at their highest potential. Dasia's Fit is an organization that works to thrive towards continuous growth and development. One on one training with Dasia's Fit services will definitely give you the results you're searching for. 


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